Single Item Prices

General trash removal if not on the curb:

$99 minimum for 1 Item general removal. Additional truckloads discounted. (Below)

General trash removal if on the curb:

$79 minimum for 1 Item general removal, $59 minimum for an appliance. Additional truckloads discounted. (Below)

Carpet removal and hauling:

$1 per square foot with a minimum of $149.

$2 per square foot if staples and tack strip being removed.

Tile removal:

$1 per square foot with a $250.00 minimum.


Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, and Water Heaters (must be disconnected and drained) $50 each after that. Please note that appliances containing Freon incur a $25 fee for safely (and legally) recycling the Freon.



Regular Couches, Love Seats, Recliners, Tables, and Chairs



Box Spring and Beds (NO BED BUGS)



Pianos vary in size and difficulty prices start at 



Prices vary depending on size of the shed, power connections, whether there is a pad to be removed, etc.. Starting at


shed demolition

Hot Tubs

Prices vary depending upon disconnection from electric and water, removing frame-works, etc.. Starting at


Swing Sets

Swing sets of all kinds starting at just


12.5 Cubic Yards

Most washing machines or dryers are just under 1 cubic yard, that means we can haul over 13 in one trip! Fats Junk Removal also breaks down items to maximize your load capacity. Your average truck bed can only hold around 2 cubic yards, but we can haul away 6 truck beds worth of junk all at once! For a GREAT price as well.

Fats Junk Removal

Service Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Truck Bed Loads Starting At


Single Item or 1/4 of Bed

Best for Smaller Projects

1/2 of Bed $119

3/4 of Bed $169

Full Bed $199

*Terms And Restrictions Apply.


Trailer Loads Starting At


1/4 of Trailer (3 Cubic Yards)

Best for Bigger Jobs

1/2 of Trailer (6 Cubic Yards)  $209

3/4 of Trailer (9 Cubic Yards) $279

Full Trailer (12 Cubic Yards)  $359

*Terms And Restrictions Apply.


12 Yard Dump Trailer Rental


Per Unit

Best for the Do-It-Yourself-er

1 Day Rental (We Drop, You Load)

Up to 2,000 Lbs!! No Overflow, No Concrete, Stone, or Dirt

Free 10 mile Delivery Service

*Terms And Restrictions Apply.


Surcharge List

Prices vary based on size and complexity of job

*Items with an asterisk are items that come with a charge in addition to size of dump load; items without an asterisk are flat fee items.

We Do Not Take Hazardous Materials.

Junk Removal appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of your appointment.

*Plastic TVs (under 32") - (32" & above)

$25 - $50

*Projection TV


*Heavy Materials: Stone, Dirt, Sod, etc. Varies/Call




*Freon Appliances


*Bed Bug Protective Materials per man


Cast Iron Tub




Riding Mower (Gas/Oil Drained) 





$150 - $250

*Tires and Tires w/Rims

$5 - $10



*Wood or Broken TVs


*CRT Computer Monitors


$5 - $10